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Powerful inverter for motor control development
Drive System Design

To accelerate time-to-market for its customers’ EV technology, Drive System Design designed and continues to optimize its Open Platform Inverter (OPI), which enables quick and efficient development of motor control systems from initial concept to first prototype.

This powerful inverter solution gives customers access to every aspect of the inverter, including customizable hardware, drivers, and flexible, modular plug-and-play software. DSD’s OPI is useful for a wide array of applications, including agriculture, construction and mining, and caters to the emerging types of motors and power levels that are being seen industry-wide. Its modular design approach has eliminated the need for modifications to the control board and central processing unit and can be configured in SiC and IGBT variants.

DSD has incorporated considerably more inputs and outputs (IO) to facilitate development, diagnostics and monitoring. This agile tool saves customers up to three times the cost and time in comparison with starting to build an inverter from scratch, overcoming roadblocks that customers would typically encounter when trying to meet the specific needs of their motors and associated systems.

The OPI will be on display at the company’s booth at iVT Expo.

Booth: 2056

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