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Telematics hardware platform for product development

Between ‘make’ and ‘buy’, platform-based developments offer the opportunity to harness the best of both worlds. The focus is on the use of predefined hardware and software platforms using standardized components, modules and technologies as an existing framework to create application- and customer-specific derivatives and reduce development times and distribute costs across projects. Components that have already been tested and validated in advance increase reliability and economies of scale, and support services are distributed across all projects.

The new LessyStar TCU development platform offers maximum modularity and configurability from predefined components and functions for an optimal fit to the technical requirements of the customer-specific application, thanks to the piggyback setup of two circuit boards and a nested design approach. In this way, the use of materials is optimized to the necessary functionality and reduces one-off costs. The production of various product derivatives as assembly variants also optimizes unit costs.

In addition to the LTE Cat1, CatM and Cat4 mobile communications interfaces, the LessyStar TCU platform offers a variety of communication interfaces such as high-speed CAN, 100BASE-T1, Bluetooth, WLAN and 433MHz for TMPS as well as various internal

sensor data. By using two separate processors, communication toward the vehicle is hardware-separated from external communication, an important feature in cybersecurity.

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