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Lithium batteries and hydrogen systems
Aliant Battery

Aliant Battery is the business division of ELSA Solutions – an Italian company founded in the 1970s, dedicated to the development of electrification systems through the production of lithium batteries and hydrogen systems. Aliant Battery products are cobalt free and made with lithium iron phosphate technology, which makes them safe, long-lasting and with high energy density. Aliant Battery’s wide range of products includes starter batteries (motorbike); stationary and semi-traction batteries (industrial cleaners, UPS, AGV shuttles, alarm systems); semi-traction batteries (golf carts, motorhomes, small boats); batteries for traction (aerial platforms, street sweepers, electric buses, telehandlers, AGV/LGVs, earthmoving, mini cranes, and mini excavators) and for propulsion and traction in full electric systems up to 800V DC; very high energy density standard batteries for full electric and hybrid traction of work machinery, 358V voltage, and up to 100KWh energy (agricultural machinery, construction machinery); low- and high-voltage batteries for marine storage systems, from 24V to 650V, 210 to 2000AH; H2FCB (hydrogen fuel cell battery systems) with power between 30kW and 250kW integrating hydrogen fuel cells and lithium batteries for energy storage solutions without CO2 emissions (e-mobility and stationary power generation).

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