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Simulation-driven system development for machines and products
Gofore Germany

Simulation-driven system development refers to a methodology where simulations play a central role in the concept design, development and optimization of systems and products. This approach uses advanced simulations to model and analyze the behavior, performance and interactions of components and systems before physical prototypes are built. By simulating various operating conditions and scenarios, engineers can explore design alternatives, identify potential issues and optimize performance parameters such as efficiency, durability and safety. This process accelerates the development cycle, reduces costs associated with physical prototyping and enables more informed decision making throughout the design process. Simulation-driven system development empowers engineers to iteratively refine designs, validate concepts, and ensure that final products meet performance requirements and customer expectations. Overall, this methodology enhances product quality, shortens time-to-market and increases the pace of innovation in the development of machinery and other complex products.

Integrating simulation early in the design process is crucial due to increasing product complexity, market pressures and manufacturing challenges. Gofore can offer competence, tools, methods and capabilities for simulation-driven design areas such as architecture design, machine learning techniques, digital product lifecycle management, model-based design, systems engineering, simulation and simulators.

Booth: 2006

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