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Customized machine system integration

Dintec specializes in providing machine system integration for agricultural, construction, mining and other special vehicles. The company offers customized support throughout the lifetime of a project. Its services include power sources: integration of robust and modular hybrid and decarbonized power sources, suitable and customized for heavy mobility; electrical integration: electrical power architecture design, direct cabling on prototype machines, supply of hardware mostly manufactured in-house (cable harnesses, PDUs); software and control: in-house software development and reuse of existing libraries for machine mobility, management of implements, power and energy management and connectivity; traction and actuation: distribution and integration of mechanical and hydraulic components and electrical actuators.

An example of Dintec’s technological expertise is its platform for innovation and collaborative development. The company’s team of engineers and prototypists have developed the evol-E technology platform, which accelerates the time-to-market of innovative solutions in the fields of robotics, embedded software and decarbonization.

Dintec also offers low-carbon power and engines: batteries, e-motors, electrical integration solutions, ice-hybridization solutions and hydrogen solutions; precision farming: a complete ISOBUS-certified solution that can manage engines; robotics and automation: defining functional architecture.

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