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Compact, robust and safe rotary encoder
EBE Sensors + Motion

The ESC17 Safety rotary encoder raises input safety to a new level by means of redundancy. Magnetic detection of the rotary movement and button signals makes the ESC17 Safety almost wear-free and extremely reliable. With 16 locking positions, the ball-spring latch offers pleasant haptic feedback. The latching mechanisms of the ESC17 family are designed for several 100,000 rotations and scanning movements. Thanks to the two independent Hall sensors, the rotary and tactile signal is detected in a redundant way. In the event of an error, a separate signal is emitted via a dedicated PIN. This ensures reliable and safe operation at any time.

With its dimensions of 17 x 19mm (L x W) and an installation height of 11mm below the front plate, the rotary encoder is significantly more compact than comparable products on the market. Thanks to its water- and dust-proofness against the front plate, it is also suitable for use in extreme ambient conditions, such as in operating units of machines that work with lubricants and coolants, municipal vehicles, forestry and agriculture vehicles, and construction machines and their handheld terminals.

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