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SCS Smart Control Systems

More complex systems and the electrification of loads currently play a decisive role in the development of industrial vehicles' onboard electrical systems. The CANbus as a standard field bus is the ideal technology to enable fast and uncomplicated data transmission in the vehicle industry.

The SCS Smart Control Systems portfolio developed by E-T-A unites intelligent power distribution and IO modules with the ability to communicate via CAN. The company’s products enable the digitalization of the vehicle electrical system as well as the processing and analysis of status data. The SCS family is used to implement centralized and decentralized system architectures, enabling customers to save space and reduce wiring effort. By providing diagnostic information, SCS products make a decisive contribution to system transparency and reduce complexity. In the event of a fault, remote reactivation is possible. Thus, autonomous working machines and functions can be realized. Vehicle downtime can be reduced or avoided altogether.

Based on intelligent power distribution units such as SCS products with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, customized solutions of refined and decentralized condition monitoring – as well as predictive maintenance and load management concepts – can be realized.

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