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All-in-one solution for HV batteries
E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate

Current vehicle battery protection concepts use HV contactors and HV fuses or pyrotechnical trip elements. While HV contactors connect and disconnect the battery and the powertrain under normal operating conditions, fuses and pyro fuses cut the connection when short circuits, overloads or crashes occur, to prevent dangerous or battery-damaging conditions. With increased voltages of 800V and higher charging currents, this protection concept quickly reaches its limits.

The innovative HVB10 protection concept combines switching and protecting functions in a single device.
The double-pole design switches the plus and minus poles of the battery pack simultaneously, reducing the number of components and saving valuable installation space. The fully bidirectional design enables optimal performance in driving and charging modes.

When a defined current level is exceeded, the device automatically switches off completely and can be reset after minor overcurrent situations. With the purely electromechanical design, the functional safety requirements are reduced to a minimum.

High currents can lead to dangerous contact sticking in high-voltage contactors but the HVB10 uses this to its advantage. The higher the short circuit, the faster the contact opens, resulting in extremely fast trip times of only a few milliseconds.

The HVB10 provides 340A continuous current, temporary charging peaks of more than 600A and a tripping performance of far more than 17kA at an 850V operating voltage.

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