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VP600 evolution inverter series - higher performance with reduced weight

At the expo, Aradex will be presenting its latest product, the VP600 Evolution x8WAxx double inverter series. A double inverter for traction and functional drives, available in different model types: Versions for two motors or connected in parallel for one big motor.

Main advantages of the EVO series include:
• Higher power
• Greatly reduced weight
• Optimized for higher quantities
• Models in several power classes

A few highlights in advance:
• High overload capacity: e.g. up to 50 % higher power for 10 minutes.
• Perfect control: Combination of FPGA and microcontroller: Fast and precise control of current, flux, torque and speed through Aradex FPGA technology. For optimum system efficiency across the entire working range.
• Software and connectivity: Integrated fast PLC: The VP600-x8WAxx have the same software functionality as the well-known VP600 series-3 inverters from Aradex. And they use the same powerful tools. The device can be expanded with technology modules from Aradex or customized solutions.
• Integrated storage oscilloscope: speed, voltage, current, power and other system variables can be sampled and exported up to 500 kHz. This functionality speeds up commissioning and service.

To find out more about the VP600-x8WAxx, visit Aradex at their booth.

Booth: 2024

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