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Innovation and reliability for electromobility
Inro Elektrotechnik

Electromobility has firmly established itself in our daily lives, increasing the demand for secure electronic systems. Inro is a leading provider of innovative solutions and will showcase its diverse business areas at the expo.

Control electronics: From electric seat adjustments to autonomous vehicles, absolute control is essential. Inro delivers high-quality, intelligent controls for demanding applications, specifically designed for use in the most adverse conditions.

Power electronics: Serving as a central component in electric drivetrains, powerful controls play a crucial role. Inro offers efficient solutions for vehicles and work machinery, regulating electric motors precisely and providing a reliable diagnosis of the drive.

Functional safety: The safety of people and the protection of the environment are top priorities at Inro. The company supports customers in all aspects of functional safety, from the product idea through development and series production to certification.

Charging solutions: With over 30 years of experience, Inro sets standards in developing intelligent charging solutions. Its mobile wall box combines expertise with employee dedication, shaping the future of electromobility.

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