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Intelligent integration systems for hydrogen power and propulsion

H:CONTROL and H:STORE are the first products from Hypermotive in a new ecosystem of intelligent integration systems for hydrogen power and propulsion.

H:CONTROL reduces the development time, cost and complexity of integration engineering for hydrogen fuel cell power, using advanced automated software tools to define optimized system architecture and specifications, identify potential system suppliers and create bespoke control strategy matched to selected system hardware. This platform will reduce the engineering effort and time for integration on new hydrogen power systems by up to 80%, accelerating time-to-market and enabling niche volume industrial vehicle and power applications to be developed by manufacturers with minimal intervention and expertise in hydrogen fuel cell power systems.

H:STORE is a hydrogen management system (HMS) for hydrogen storage systems, similar in nature and functionality to a battery management system. It integrates the hydrogen storage tanks, sensing and safety systems to control, monitor and protect the hydrogen storage and supply system for industrial, power and propulsion applications. Using recognized functional safety protocols, H:STORE is a direct plug-and-play solution to manage all storage requirements including next-generation Type IV tanks.

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