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New AI vehicle camera system
Brigade Elektronik GmbH

Almost every week, cyclists and pedestrians are involved in collisions with commercial vehicles. Many vulnerable road users are unaware of the blind spots to the front, rear and side of an HGV, leading to serious incidents because they have not been seen by the driver.

360° cameras with AI technology are a new generation of active blind-spot detection. Using artificial intelligence, the cameras detect and recognize the human form within the pre-defined detection zone and reliably warn the driver visually and/or audibly before a collision occurs. Image processing takes place within the camera, meaning no other hardware is required. The system recognizes and alerts the driver to people in the front, side and rear blind spot of the vehicle and creates a surround view of the vehicle. Detected people are shown in a colored box overlayed on the HD camera image on the driver’s monitor.

Brigade will showcase its newest AI camera technology at the expo.

Booth: IVT4

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