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Customizable control panel series

Customized operating components are indispensable for innovative vehicle concepts due to their constantly increasing scope of functions. The CANopen-based Pilot control panel series developed by Miunske provides vehicle manufacturers and cabin outfitters with a highly customizable control unit. By combining different control panels with a free choice of symbols, status and bar graph LEDs, along with TFT or OLED displays, the Pilot control panel series offers a wide range of functionalities for monitoring, control and evaluation. The inclusion of extra-large buttons with a user-friendly haptic design – thanks to embossing and the implementation of customer-specific foil designs – enhances operating safety and convenience.

Miunske will have a Pilot configurator on its booth, which allows users to configure their control panels quickly and easily. The company will also provide visitors with an overview of the equipment and integration options.

Booth: 1034

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