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Revolutionizing off-highway vehicle steering
Ognibene Power

Ognibene Power is an Italian company based in Reggio Emilia and specializing in the production of steering systems for off-highway vehicles. The company has introduced the iSteer-DPS, which has received the EIMA International Innovation Award.

The iSteer-DPS is a brushless three-phase electric motor plus sensors coaxially integrated inside the steering column, positioned between the steering wheel and the hydraulic steering unit. The integrated sensors within the electric motor are designed to measure the angle and the driver’s applied torque. This data is processed by the ECU to calculate the perfect steering response, based not only on the vehicle speed signal and the position of the front wheels but also the types of implements and the driver's personal settings.

The vehicle is equipped with iSteer-DPS from the factory, making it a fully homologated steering system for on-road and off-road use. The driver can always override the system.

The main benefits of the iSteer-DPS system include active steering wheel recentering, even in reverse; speed-dependent steering assistance; GPS guidance integration; free programmable steering rules (synthetic boost curve); active haptic feedback on the steering wheel; steering with personalized settings; and easy integration of steering joystick or mini-wheel.

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