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New CVEP CANDiX touchscreen series

The new CVEP CANDiX touchscreen series is designed to display information for operators of agricultural and construction machinery and commercial vehicles in general. With its projected capacitive touchscreen, it is designed to work in harsh environments. Because of its special design with a dedicated graphic controller combined with a small microcontroller, CVEP can provide a performant touchscreen display from 3.5in up to 10in size at an affordable price.

The display supports CAN 2.0B; 11 bit and 29 bit IDs are possible, with a data transmission rate up to 1Mbit/s. The CANDiX series provides one universal IO pin to be used, as well as an analog input.

The CANDiX comes with a CVEP CAN bootloader. It is possible to flash all the data to the dedicated flash chip and the program to the microcontroller with the CVEP flash tool. The download process is based on CANopen.

The CANDiX does not require any additional operating system. At system startup, the device is immediately ready for use without additional startup sequences.

Visit the CVEP booth to see a sample project and the QuickStart manual.

Booth: 3058

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