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OxTS helps you navigate off-road with sensor fusion technology
Oxford Technical Solutions

Sensor fusion is at the heart of building autonomous vehicles that can operate off-road or indoors. Until now, accurate navigation in those environments has been difficult to achieve. The OxTS INS is designed with sensor fusion in mind, with its Generic Aiding Data (GAD) interface enabling its INS units to incorporate your sensor data together in one place to give you a robust, accurate localisation solution.
The OxTS INS can accept data from almost any sensor, including:
• LiDAR scanners
• Camera-based odometry sensors
• Wheel speed sensors
• UWB indoor positioning sensors
The data is then fed into the OxTS navigation engine inside your INS to improve the accuracy of your navigation data, especially in areas where GNSS signal is poor or non-existent.
The company’s LIO solution combines GNSS-aided INS with LiDAR inputs using its GAD interface to improve vehicle trajectory measurements, reducing position drift during GNSS outages. Whether you need a full solution or need to make INS work with your set-up, its technology can work for you.
If you want to learn more about how OxTS can help you to navigate in harsh environments, you can find them on stand 1048, where they look forward to meeting you.
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