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Ellen Hertle

Dr. Ellen Hertle studied mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University and completed her PhD in thermodynamics in Erlangen. She now works in the development department at Wölfle. Together with the dynamic team, she focuses on the topics of thermal management and climate modeling - always considering the operating conditions of the vehicles and the trend towards e-mobility


Thermal management and E/E solutions for off highway machines

The demand for electric vehicles is gaining momentum due to several factors, including stricter emission regulation as well as climate and environmental awareness. This also applies to the area of commercial vehicles and mobile machinery. However, two big challenges lie ahead. First, the energy demand of the thermal management system is of crucial importance. Smartly planned thermal layouts and the use of an intelligent control software allow for an extension of the operating time while maintaining an optimal thermal comfort. Similarly, the complexity of the electrical architectures is also growing. Both in the high-voltage and low-voltage range, power supply, safety requirements and system control are of increasing importance. One of Wölfe’s core competences lies in the realization and physical implementation of electronic systems, always tailored individually to the respective vehicle type.