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Johann Führmann

Beginning in the year 2000, Johann started as software developer for radar and camera based ADAS sensors. Soon after that point an emphasis on HiL systems for ADAS ECUs evolved. Accompanying several TIER1s over years in ADAS/AD projects he now represents the portfolio of the b-plus group as expert for automotive software development and HiL solutions as Business Developer.


Speed up validation of autonomous systems for industrial vehicles

As a specialist for data collection as well as ECU-development, b-plus gives you the optimal insight into the variety of applications in the field of data replay and injection of simulated data. b-plus offers useful tips and tricks on how to detect and fix bugs in your sensor/ ECU algorithm at an early stage using small HiL systems at the developer's desk - but that is not all: in addition to that, we also demonstrate expansion options up to a fully equipped HiL-rack-system for high-bandwidths in 24/7-operation. Benefit from the know-how of a data specialist.