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Derek Matthews

Derek began his career in 1995 with Ford Motor Co., and worked in Ford’s Ecostar electric drive group and in Xcellsis leading propulsion system design for Fuel Cell bus applications. He joined BAE Systems in 2007 where he has worked as System Engineering lead on defense and commercial vehicle programs and later as technical regulatory affairs and product roadmap manager. Since 2019, Derek has served as Partnership Manager focused on creating external, strategic partnerships.


Next-generation electrification of off-highway heavy-duty vehicles

The challenges for the electrification of heavy-duty vehicle platforms (HD EV) are significant. Electric drivetrain suppliers of next-generation systems can draw on customers’ operational experience and deliver commercially viable, competitive advantage to vehicle manufacturers Evolving from first-generation HD EVs (diesel platforms & COTS hardware), next generations will use advanced architectures and materials, purpose-built to deliver improved efficiencies and reductions in complexity and cost. They will enable integration of drive and accessory electronics using modular, scalable designs, driving improvements in quality, reliability and total cost of ownership for operators. A key enabling technology is the evolution of next-generation power electronics architectures and designs. With over 25 years' experience, BAE Systems looks at these concepts and advantages gained from a modular, configurable systems approach.