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Innovative electric machines with direct cooling for maximizing power density
Dynamic E Flow

Dynamic E Flow (DEF) specializes in the development and building of special machines, prototypes and small-scale series for a wide range of industries.

Capcooltech has won three innovation awards and enables electric motors to deliver twice the power without changing in size. With Capcooltech, overheating in electrical machines can be decisively minimized. Electric motor systems with integrated Capcooltech from DEF are the world's first electric motor systems with direct cooling. Capillary cooling technology (Capcooltech) is a simple approach. An electrical machine is wound with a hollow wire, which is used as a current and coolant conductor. Then, coolant is fed through the hollow opening in the wire, which allows the coolant to be directly at the main heat source of the motor (the copper), without a thermal barrier such as insulation that an ordinary wire is exposed to. This allows motors to be wound conventionally, no matter the topology. At the same time, very high current densities and machine performances can be realized.

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