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Automotive relays and small controller units

Carsig is a manufacturer and supplier of automotive relays and small controller units. Its product range is very wide and includes time relays, special relays, lighting modules, trailer modules, battery monitor relays, wiper relays, multifunction relays, stepping relays, flasher relays, solid-state relays, pre-glow relays and diode relays.

Carsig products have been used very successfully for decades in the vehicle construction sector, from special vehicles to emergency vehicles, agricultural, forestry and construction machinery sectors as well as the waste disposal industry and the logistics, military and railway sectors.

The company’s experienced team of specialists will provide a comprehensive selection of relays that is optimal for customers’ applications. Clients will receive support in the development and realization of their special relays or the adaptation of standard relays for their automotive applications.

The new Carsig product family also includes components for automotive bus systems, such as CANbus. The programming and parameter setting of these nano, small or gateway controls is very easy with the Carsig CarsGraf software.

For extreme areas of application, the Carsig products are available with a high degree of IP protection or for special thermal requirements.

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