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Behnam Afsharpoya

Dr. Behnam Afsharpoya is senior systems engineering solution consultant at DASSAULT SYSTEMES. He provides support for CATIA mechatronics, dynamic systems analysis, Model Bases Systems Engineering (MBSE), and industrial automation. He has more than 20 years engineering experience in industrial fields and academic background as post-doctorate research assistant and adjunct professor. He has authored several journal papers and proceedings in fields of Biomedical Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Dynamic Systems, and MBSE.


Battery and fuel cell simulation for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles are another type of electrical or hybrid vehicles. The power that is generated from fuel cells charges vehicle batteries. Fuel cells are electrochemical reactors generating electricity directly from oxidation reactions of fuels or Hydrogen. Due to their high efficiency (almost twice of internal combustion engines), near-zero emissions, low noise, portability, and low operation temperature (for PEMFC), fuel cells are being considered as a potentially viable energy-conversion device for mobile, stationary, and portable power. In general, fuel cell cars have a longer driving range and shorter fueling time in comparison with EVs. A proton-exchange membrane fuel-cell (PEMFC)