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Josef Graubmann

Josef is heading the Business Unit Thermal Management within YMER since more than 5 years and is active in electric Off-Highway machineries since more than 10 years. He has a wide experience in Air-Conditoning as well as heating and spend his full career in this segements. Working with and supporting several customers on their electrification journey has helped him to get a 360° understanding of EV-applications .


Thermal Management of electric machines in a 360° perspective

Relevance and importance of efficent thermal management in electric machines - real-life machine and test data for battery heating and cooling as well as electric driveline cooling - influence of battery size, C-Rates, energy consumption in thermal management - inteligent startegies to minimize thermal management demands - YMERs integrated and modular solution to cope wiht all thermal management demands in EVs as well as hybrid machines.