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Daniel Rufle

- M.Sc. in Mechanical engineering at HS Mannheim - Developped mechatronics components in RND in ZF Friedrichshafen AG in Friedrichshafen - Resident engineer at General Motors for ZF in Detroit Michigan bridging the gap between the companies in mechatronics for the rear steer in the CT6 - Developed Software and electronics of a rear steer system at ZF for a Porsche 911 in Friedrichshafen - Project manager at SKF in Liestal for linear motion in industrial Automation - Final role: Product Manager for Mobile Machinery sector in Ewellix in Liestal focussing on electrifying hydraulics in battery driven, mobile applications


The Why and How of electromechanical actuators

We will present: - The technology used in electromechanical actuators compared to hydraulics, stating main differences - The market trend towards electrification in mobile /offraod industry (why) - Reasons for using electric acutaotrs including an example: High efficiency plus regenerative braking - Description of main design parameters in electric actuators (how) using application examples - Set of features that enables electromechanical actuators to execute the same applications than hydraulic does today