Thomas Fedde, advanced engineering manager, Claas Tractor, Germany

“I came because I’m interested in autonomous vehicles; and some powertrain developments. As a vehicle developer, it’s been interesting to come and get the latest news about what is going on in the vehicle component industry, and what are the current developments.”

Peter Reuterberg, chief designer, Volvo Construction, Sweden

“Some of the panel discussions at the conferences have been very interesting, in particular I enjoyed a discussion on autonomy regarding liability issues, which was very illuminating. I’ve met some good new contacts and I’d definitely come back next year.”

Joseph Baldi, business manager, Moog Inc, USA

“I’ve gained a good overview of the trends going on in the market, a good understanding of where different companies are focusing their energy, and I’ve had some good conversations with potential new collaborators.”

Andrea Friedrich, sales manager, Denso International, USA

“I have found it very informative. We certainly appreciate the opportunity to come here and see so many people from around the world, together in one place. The presentations have been very enlightening, too. It’s been great.”

Colm Byrne, procurement and quality director, Timoney Technology, Ireland

“Very impressive for a first show – I’ve been very impressed with both the exhibition and the presentations.”

Stefan Taxer, mobile automation product manager, B&R Industrial, Austria

“Here you can find the right people in the right spot together, and as it is not as big as Bauma or Agritechnica, it’s easier to make the contacts that we are interested in for our business, which is automation solutions for agriculture and construction markets.”

Jürgen Schwarz, head of control systems, Gebrüder Frei GmbH & Co. KG

“My primary focus has been the conferences, where there have been a lot of interesting presentations. For me, it’s been a good opportunity to meet new people for business. As a component manufacturer, we will definitely think about having our own booth next year, as we see an opportunity to meet our customers here.”


Dietmar Schrägle, project manager, STW Sensor-Technik Wiedemann, Germany

"It was a great show for us – good contacts, with good conversations with a high potential of interest."

Ronald de Jeu, account manager, Wuerth Eletronik ICS GmbH, Germany

"The quality of visitors is very high. We didn’t get any pen collectors or those just looking for bags and goodies. All the people we’ve seen are potentially new customers or are existing customers with new projects. It’s been far beyond our expectations, particularly for the size of the show, to have as many leads as we have received. By far, the show exceeded our expectations. It was a well-organized event. The overall feeling on the quality of the leads is really good."

Rachel Tilbrook, marketing manager, KAB Seating Ltd, UK

"IVT has really surpassed our expectations. The quality of the customer traffic coming to our stand has really been great. The show has really stood out to us in comparison to others, because at other bigger shows, the quality of the leads and the people coming to our stand is just not the same. There tend to be too many distractions at big shows, I find. Because this is so much smaller, it’s more concentrated and as a result, the quality is much higher than it would be at other shows. That’s a real plus for us. We’re definitely looking to come back next year and I’m excited to see what it’s going to bring us."

Daniel Magnus, marketing manager, Sontheim Industrie Elektronik GmbH, Germany

“It’s been very good. We’ve had some very interesting conversations – with good OEM discussions in particular, so for us the quality was brilliant. We’re looking forward to next year.”

Michael Ford, technical product manufacturer, Atlantex Manufacturing Corporation, USA

“IVT Expo has been a good experience for us – there’s a nice diverse mix of products represented, without too much overlap, so visitors are getting a well-rounded experience with a lot of exposure to new technologies that could be very useful to them. The visitors themselves represent a diverse background of industries and professions, from engineering to sales to development and research. It’s a smaller show, but very focused.”

Jarno Ratia, product management director, AGCO Power Inc, Finland

“The Expo has been very interesting, with lots of companies providing new technology, and we have had some very good discussions with visitors, particularly about our new Stage V engines, and our new China IV emission handling technologies.”

Nick Smart, business development manager, Cantronik, UK

“I don’t think we’ve had 10 minutes yet without someone walking on our stand and asking questions, and we hope those discussions will lead to some good deals. The majority of our business is in marine, so we weren’t sure if we would be sat here twiddling our thumbs, but it’s been really unexpectedly good! Suffice to say, we’ve booked for next year!”

Tim Speaker, president, J.W. Speaker, USA

“I’ve found the show to be very good – we’ve got some nice leads that were not from your average tire kickers. Visitors have been really interested in our products as this is more of a technology show, which suits our lighting products, which are increasingly sophisticated. We’ve had a good show, I’m really pleased and we’ve had some good enquiries.”

Iain Young, sales director, AVID Technology Ltd, UK

“For AVID, this show has definitely been worthwhile and value for money, allowing us to continue to promote our brand and our wide portfolio of all our products. I think what’s different about this show, versus other events, is the quality of visitors on our stand coming from the markets that we’re focused on in both the off- and on-road vehicle sectors.”