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Ben Holter

Ben has over 15 years of electrohydraulic experience and currently leads a group of cross functional engineers developing the hardware and software to help enable the full potential electro-hydraulics in the mobile market. Ben has been at the forefront of developing and bringing Husco's electrohydraulic knowhow into production for a variety of advanced control and semi-autonomous applications.


Precise automation control in electro-hydraulics – developing for systems without an operator

In the control of off-highway equipment every milliamp matters. Husco has benchmarked over 100 machines and worked with countless OEMs developing and fine-tuning hydraulics systems. Today over 95% of new systems developed have electro-hydraulic content included and increasingly expected to be automation ready – but how easy is the step to enable precision automation? How do you move from operator to software control? This study walks through some of the key control challenges and uses data from real system testing to highlight the key challenges and methods used to enable fast, precise, robust, repeatable control of any electro-hydraulic system.