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Andreas Wehrmann

Studied Automotive Engineering and graduated Engineer. Software Developer for TIER1 Supplier HUF. Project manager Research and IT at VDV. System Engineer and Senior Project Manager at DEUTZ AG. Team lead for PLM, PMO and Diagnostic at DEUTZ AG. Manager Branch office and Product Manger IoT for Sontheim. Manager of BU IoT incl. IT operations, APP- and Cloud Development.


Lifecycle of connected machines including embedded diagnostics and fleet management

The lifecycle of connected machines encompasses the various stages involved in the development, deployment, operation, and retirement of machines equipped with connectivity capabilities. Connected machines, often referred to as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, are embedded with sensors, processors, and communication technologies that enable them to collect and exchange data with other devices or centralized systems. Understanding the lifecycle of connected machines is essential for effectively managing and optimizing their performance, security, and overall value. This presentation will give an advanced inside to the lifecycle of industrial vehicles, including an embedded diagnostic functionality.