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Felix Schlegel

Felix Schlegel studied mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University, majoring in development and design. 2023 he joined the Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems (ifas) at RWTH Aachen University as research associate in the group of Mobile Machinery. In his previous research, Felix was concerned with elastohydrodynamic simulations of tribological contacts and with the investigation of wear in high speed pumps for electrohydraulic drives.


From sensor to cloud environment model - data preparation and communication of mobile working machines

Mobile working machines are becoming more and more intelligent. As a result, more and more data is available to be transferred to databases. As part of the Off-Highway Twins project, researchers are investigating how environmental models can be innovated and improved with data from mobile working machines. In this presentation, a wheel loader is used as a use case to show some examples of sensor data that will be available to us in the future. This could include the creation of collision models or the better planning of driving routes of automated mobile machines. It will also show what environmental data can be generated from sensor signals and how it can be transferred to cloud databases.