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Ari Tervonen

Ari has been working in the display industry for over 25 years and has great expertise in different display technologies. In his career, he has played various roles, ranging from quality manager and head of sales to product manager and business line manager. Having worked closely with vehicle OEM customers, he understands their needs and uses his knowledge to help them solve their challenges in the vehicle industry.


Adding safety and improving ergonomics for industrial vehicles

Getting the essential information into the line of sight improves not only the efficiency but also safety. This information will be available all the time as needed within the field of view, without losing the focus on a work, and therefore increasing the safety related information awareness. An HUD solution is also beneficial as ergonomics can be improved by cutting down the required head movement. This presentation will describe HUD benefits focusing on safety and ergonomics aspects. It will also give basics on the technology Lumineq uses to realize this