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Bernd Rösch

Bernd Rösch is Head of the Transportation division at E-T-A GmbH, the world market leader for solutions in the field of protecting, switching and monitoring loads. In this role, he is responsible for the market and product strategy for the business units "Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles". He has many years of experience in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry in various technical and management functions. He studied industrial engineering in Berlin and Berkeley, USA.


Enhanced productivity through improved system transparency

With a plug-and-play capable, fully electronic power distribution unit, the connected loads in the autonomous or semi- autonomous off-highway vehicle can be monitored. The intelligent power distribution unit enables the control and diagnosis of loads via the CAN bus. Load current and voltage measurement as well as integrated load protection allow load management and preventive maintenance. Fuses are replaced. In the event of a fault, remote reactivation is possible. Thus autonomous working machines and functions can be realized. Vehicle downtime can be reduced or avoided altogether. By integrating the load displays into the service HMI, the information can be used quickly for troubleshooting.