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Enrico Raniero

Enrico holds a master’s degree with honours in power electronic engineering from the University of Padua. He consolidated his technical background as R&D power supply developer in the lighting sector. He specialized in the product development covering hardware and firmware design. He joined Carraro in 2018 as control systems engineer taking care all the electric and hybrid projects and in the 2021 he takes the role of Electrification Manager for the Carraro Group, focused on off-highway electromobility.


Hybrid and full-electric solution for telescopic handler

The telescopic handler is one of the most interesting vehicles to be considered in the electrification process due to its size and duty cycle; at the same time, it is becoming a very attractive vehicle due to the wide range of applications from agriculture to construction equipment. Using the Carraro electrification process, the e-power team developed two different solutions suitable for hybrid and full-electric architectures on the same 6-ton telescopic handler platform. The presentation will describe how the process led to the final architecture and components design, showing the differences in terms of vehicle performance, functionalities and cost.