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Wolfgang Domann

Mr. Wolfgang Domann brings more than 20 years of experience in building new businesses- and selling solution and product business from his previous management roles. Based on his professional experience, he is considered an expert in the field of business applications of AI and Machine Learning. Mr. Domann has also gained extensive national and international leadership and management experience in various markets, start-ups, corporate and large customers. He has implemented successful processes from acquisition to proposal preparation to closing contracts in international sales. His marketing and communications experience ranges from branding, press, web,e-commerce and online media to CXO presentations and facilitation of large customer events. Mr. Domann is a businessman and entrepreneur by passion and always shows himself openminded to new topics and ways. Since December 2019, Mr. Wolfgang Domann strengthens the team of EYYES GmbH as the person responsible for sales, marketing and public relations.


Intelligent driving assistance for vehicles with deep learning

Driving assistance in vehicles has already begun to assert itself in cars. But how do you build driving assistance functions? We at EYYES are specialists in the development and implementation of driving assistance systems in the field of commercial vehicles, construction machinery and trams based on deep learning. We build front collision assistants, reversing assistants and also blind spot assistants. Our technology has been tested by the ADAC and provides the lowest possible error rate for the user of the system. Using our software framework and pre-trained neural networks we will show in the presentation how every developer or product owner can easily and quickly develop his own driving assistance functions and integrate them into products.