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Damir Gumerov

Damir Gumerov joined Applanix, a Trimble company, in 2012. He currently manages a product portfolio composed of positioning and orientation systems that are used for the guidance of autonomous vehicles, as well as tools in the development of land autonomy products and solutions. Damir holds a bachelor’s degree in Geomatics Engineering and a Masters in Earth and Space Science, both from York University in Toronto Canada.


How positioning and orientation are driving autonomy

Positioning and orientation are fundamental to the navigation of any autonomous industrial vehicle. Knowing the precise location and directional orientation of a vehicle plays a key role in guidance, steering, optimal path planning and obstacle avoidance to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. We'll discuss how Trimble has been developing and advancing positioning technology and machine control for over 30 years offering hardware, software and correction services to enable the most advanced autonomy systems - foundational elements of an ever-expanding portfolio of Trimble technology that will help enable greater levels of vehicle autonomy for years to come.