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Juha Kotala

Juha holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tampere University of Technology. His technical background has been established earlier at Konecranes and ABB in Engineer and Sales Manager roles. He joined MSK Cabins in 2019 as Product Manager, with such role he has been given extensive outlook for the operator cabin business. Juha’s role is to cooperate with all levels, such as R&D, manufacturing, sourcing, and take care that cabins will meet the customer expectations and requirements.


What are the factors influencing future cab design?

Several megatrends influence global farming and other cabin market segments. In general, future driving experience should be an environmentally friendly, less employee dependent experience. Heavy machine driving experience as we know it now, will be heavily rethought in the coming decades. The presentation will describe how megatrends, such as green deal, remote control and autonomous driving, will be affecting on cabin design. How are such trends considered in the design process?