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Gary Fitzpatrick

Gary Fitzpatrick has been working in the heavy-duty automotive industry for over 11 years. He has been involved in the design & development of high-mobility driveline systems for vehicles operating on rugged terrain and in difficult conditions. His key focus is to provide complete solutions to customers that enhance driver safety, productivity and comfort while considering the quality, cost, performance, and delivery of the final product. He is currently working on a program to transform the Timoney driveline portfolio for electric-hybrid use.


Hybrid drive & high performing suspension concept applied to construction equipment

Hybrid powertrain technology is an evolving concept in the heavy-duty construction equipment industry to reduce fuel consumption rates and CO2 emissions from internal combustion engines. As such, machines are going through major design changes to fit hybrid drive technology. However, such changes can have adverse effects on the driver safety, comfort, and the ride & handling performance of the machine if key design factors are not considered at the initial stages of the development. This presentation will look at a concept for a hybrid drive for construction machinery that is coupled to a simple ‘semi-trailing arm’ high performing suspension system. This concept could offer a modular solution to OEMs that are considering hybridisation while the suspension design can provide ‘best in class performance’ and alleviate some of the transitional design challenges.