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Ianto Guy

Ianto is an automotive engineer with a background in the off-highway industry. He trained at Harper Adams University, where he completed the MEng Automotive Engineering (Off-Highway) course and a PhD on the flow of power and torque in the transmissions of 4x4 agricultural tractors. He went on to lead the degree course that he studied, eventually going on to become associate head of engineering. Ianto joined TRL in 2018 to focus on the development of safety standards for on- and off-highway vehicles. His work encompasses a broad range of vehicle types from e-scooters to quarry dumpers.


Developing a framework for levels of machine automation in construction

As we continue the development and deployment of automated machines in construction and civil engineering projects it is important to be able to use a common framework to allow discussion of the capabilities of the automation systems concerned. SAE J3016 has provided the on-road automated vehicle industry with a five-level system to describe levels of automated capability that is well understood by everybody in that industry, but the machinery used in the construction and civil engineering industries doesn’t just drive around; it also has to interact with things in the environment – lifting, digging, compacting, grading, etc. In this presentation, Dr Ianto Guy of TRL will describe the work TRL has conducted to develop a framework for levels of automated capability in construction and civil engineering machines.