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Michael Glunk

After finishing his studies in Electronics Engineering with a focus on Process Automation, Michael Glunk started his career as a process planner and then quality manager for German automotive suppliers. In 2013 he moved from BDT Automation, where he held the position of Vice President Global Operations & Business Excellence to Continental. Today, Michael holds a product and systems related position as Head of Driver Workplace & Cockpit at Continental.


The evolution of the operator workplace: what will the operator-machine interface (OMI) look like in 2030? And how do we get there?

An ever-growing amount of available information, arising from the ever-growing possibilities that come from technological progress, can result in two potential consequences for a machine operator: drowning in an overflow of information or great support for a smooth, successful and efficient operation. As the mobile machine benefits from more and more new technologies such as AI, and concepts such as automation, the operator-machine interface has to evolve accordingly. How will OMI solutions look tomorrow and how might they look like in 2030 – and after? And, just as important: how can off-highway OEMs integrate new OMI technologies with adequate R&D efforts?