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Jean-Baptiste Delcroix

Dipl. Ing. Jean-Baptiste Delcroix studied electrical engineering at the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (2004) and joined the Würth Elektronik ICS Group in 2007. Professionally, he started as a project engineer in the French and also in the US company. In his role as product manager, he has been responsible for the Power Distribution division since 2017.


HV PDU-How to interconnect and protect your HV electrical network

Power distribution units (PDU) are at the heart of the high voltage vehicle electrical architecture: they connect the critical elements of the system (such as battery pack, inverters, on-board charger, auxiliaries, etc.), switch the power, ensure the integrity of the vehicle electrical network and perform critical measurements. BPW Bergische Achsen and Wurth Elektronik ICS will together present the challenges of designing those power distribution units on a vehicle and component level. They will provide guidance regarding the design of such components and discuss together what could be the future of those critical items.