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Armin Schmiegel

Dr Schmiegel has been head of the REFU Drive development department for more than five years. He and his team are involved in the electrification of non-road mobile machinery. In addition, Dr Schmiegel is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Reutlingen and the author of a number of publications, including textbooks on energy storage systems.


From the smoking exhaust to the clean socket – design steps from the diesel-powered mobile machine to the all-electric mobile machine

Energy efficiency and savings are important design aspects for the development of non-road mobile machinery. For several years now, various studies have been addressing the question of how hydraulic systems can be supplemented or replaced by suitable electronic components. Often, an incremental approach is followed, which proceeds via the use of diesel-electric drive systems, to hybrid and all-electric drive systems. The replacement of hydraulic systems or actuators with electric components is also being investigated. It turns out that a multitude of questions must be considered in the realization of such a system. In the process, design contradictions arise that can only be quantitatively evaluated by taking a deeper look. This presentation will deal with one element of these complex questions: the question of which design aspects have to be considered in the electrification of non-road mobile machinery. For this purpose, a concrete vehicle in its typical application will be looked at. The presentation will take a closer look at the transition from a diesel-powered system to a fully electric system and also consider the intermediate steps of diesel-electric and diesel-hybrid. In addition to energy and power considerations, which always play a role in a design, special aspects of power electronics, drive and control technology will also be considered.