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Lutz Görgens

Dr Lutz Görgens studied physics and graduated in 1998 from the Technical University of Munich. He obtained a doctoral degree with a thesis on GaN semiconductors. After several years leading application engineering for low-voltage power-MOSFETs at a German semiconductor company, Lutz joined Semikron in 2011 to work in product management for LV inverter systems.


A new concept for motor controllers in forklifts and industrial vehicles

Low-voltage electric drivetrains for industrial vehicles were initially used for indoor vehicles and are now increasingly finding their way into outdoor vehicles. This change comes with new requirements for ruggedness, performance and reliability and the need for application-specific solutions. By moving the design interface of the motor controller from the outside connections to the electrical interface of the power section, a platform solution is designed for use in combination with existing or optimized controller systems. The presentation explains the technology behind this concept and how customized solutions can quickly and cost-efficiently be developed using this high-performance, high-quality technology.