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Shelley Nation

Shelley is the systems R&D lead in Danfoss’s autonomy team, spearheading efforts to understand the needs of and develop next-generation autonomous systems. During her 11 years working in off-road markets, she has also developed electrification strategies, led the launch of intelligent electrohydraulic valves and developed embedded software and controls. Shelley has an MSc in mechatronics and an MSc in computer science with a focus on machine learning, from Georgia Institute of Technology.


Road to autonomy: soil compactor application

Adding autonomy to your machine brings immediate and lasting value. Danfoss’s PLUS+1 Autonomy is a software platform that enables machine manufacturers to bring operator assist and autonomous features to their vehicles. Our platform and advanced sensor management have been specifically integrated into a soil compactor at our Ames, Iowa, Application Development Center (ADC). This machine incorporates the platform’s easy-to-use autonomous control library, enabling the quick and simple integration of steering, drivetrain, braking, remote control and advanced sensors. The control library operates on an XM100 autonomous controller, enabling faster processing speeds and the ability to handle increased data and advanced sensors. Overall, the platform leverages advanced software algorithms, high processing power controllers to deal with high-data-rate sensors, and a team that can work with the specific needs of an OEM to build and customize complex vehicle applications. PLUS+1 Autonomy will alter the way your vehicle is designed through innovation and expertise.