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Johann Führmann

Johann started his career as a software developer for radar- and camera-based ADAS sensors in 2000. Soon after that, his focus on HiL systems for ADAS ECUs evolved. Working with several Tier 1s over the years on ADAS/AD projects, he now represents the b-plus group portfolio as a business developer and expert in automotive software development and HiL solutions.


How to get the most out of your HiL validation

Due to the regularities of the UNECE-VMAD working party, hybrid hardware-in-the-loop systems can now be used to mix up real-world tests with simulated ones. At a first look, it seems that this could save a lot of validation expense. But many pitfalls stay the same. However, there is further potential to save money and improve the validation game. Generally, buying the best hardware is not enough to guarantee sufficient results. An overall concept regarding test mixture and maintenance strategy will ensure project progress and cost control right from the start.