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Marco Mattioli

Marco Mattioli was born in Modena, in Italy, in 1974, from an Italian father and a Finnish mother. After the Mechanical Engineering University, in 2000 he started as Technical Director at Zephir, a company manufacturing rail shunters and industrial tractors. During the years he covered different roles, from R&D to international sales and marketing, ending as Managing Director in 2015. In 2017 he is a key driver in the acquisition and integration in Marmon, a Berkshire Hathaway company. In 2020 he is promoted as Director Innovation and Product Development for the Global Railcar Mover Group. He is member of: the Engineers Register of Modena, the Italian Railway Engineers Association, UNI and the European Committee for Standardization. He is inventor of several patents; speaks Italian, English and Finnish. Marco is happily married with Micaela and have 3 beautiful children: Sofia, Davide and Gabriele.


Transition from diesel to electric in the railcar mover industry

Starting with the definition of the specific market of the railcar mover industry, the presentation will define the different driving technologies across the globe. It will then present the well-established diesel heritage and actual dominance. The presentation will then cover the first electric, battery-powered railcar movers of the early 1990s, uncovering the initial technological challenges and solutions. There will be a focus on the evolution of the electric battery-powered railcar movers in recent decades in terms of technical development and performance improvement. At the end, the actual state of the art of these machines is presented, with examples of real life applications of railway logistic fully accomplished and performed with these new electric railcar movers.