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Jean Heren

Jean is a mechanical engineer and has been involved in hydraulic power transmission of mobile equipment for more than 30 years. He has developed several innovative systems, combining hydraulic, mechanical and electronic control for the propulsion of machines in the construction, handling and agricultural markets. He is deeply involved in the optimization of power transmission, including the development of hybrid solutions and, more recently, the development of electro-hydrostatic zero-emission systems.


Multi-criteria evaluation of electrification concepts for compact machines.

When developing a new zero-emission machine offer, multiple solutions are possible. Poclain's electromobility team, with its market experience and expertise in the field of power transmission for mobile equipment, offers you a multi-criteria assessment of the solutions implemented on its development platforms. During the conference, two electro-hydraulic solutions using different architectures will be detailed: one using a single electric motor for the propel function and the auxiliary functions, the other using two electric motors, the first one for the propel with a close loop fix displacement pump, the second one for auxiliary functions with open loop pumps. Both architectures will be detailed and evaluated.