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Tomasz Turek

Tomasz Turek, has been working in thermal management system for 8 years. Through all this time highly focused on providing complete solutions for customers in subject of not only cooling but also complete thermal management, including control systems, algorythms, telemetrics, and remote diagnosis. His aim is to merge the changing and evolving technology of Big data and Internet of Things with thermal systems in order to provide the best value for customer.


Model-based development of battery thermal management systems and operation with battery – case studies

In modern development processes, you can find more and more use of modeling to reduce time and mitigate risks. Modeling is particularly important when it comes to electric vehicles, where precise prediction of range or operation hours defines the success or failure of a project. This presentation will show how BSPL has been using modeling in its development process, how it is building models of thermal management systems, and using simulation and co-simulation to adjust parameters and operation, and how customers could use those models in complete systems development, speeding up vehicle development.