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Christian Rathberger

Christian studied technical mathematics at Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria. From 2002-2011 he was a software developer (thermal management software KULI) and thermal management simulation engineer at Engineering Center Steyr, Magna Powertrain. Since 2011 he has been senior manager for VTM and KULI software at Magna, with a strong focus on e-mobility-related thermal management topics.


Thermal management systems for electrified off-highway machinery – successful and lean development from simulation to a well-designed, integrated system solution

The development of electrified off-highway machinery for different climatic conditions creates significant challenges in the field of thermal management. Extensive testing to ensure proper operation often leads to escalating development costs and long test periods. Furthermore, climatic chambers often are limited in the testing of dynamic use profiles. Electrification creates new challenges due to increased system complexity and temperature-sensitive components. Our joint approach enables us to model electrical and thermal aspects by combining incremental development steps, thermal management simulation and selective testing. This allows us to improve even complex systems and leads to well-designed solutions with optimized development efforts.