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Thomas Wölfle

Thomas completed his studies in industrial engineering in 2003. His professional career began at Liebherr as area sales manager. Three years after joining, he became regional sales manager in the UK for all Liebherr earthmoving products. In 2008 Thomas returned to the family business after a successful time as sales manager in the UK. Since 2010 he has been in charge as CEO of Wölfle group.


High-voltage electrification and thermal management: three use cases

The demand for electrified commercial vehicles and mobile machinery is gaining momentum due to several factors, including stricter emission regulation as well as climate awareness. However, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining optimal thermal comfort inside the cabin without excessively reducing the driving range or operating times. A thermal management strategy based on model predictive control can help improve the energy efficiency of electric vehicles. Further improvement can be achieved by implementing an innovative heat pump system that uses ambient heat and waste heat of the components. Solutions for these challenges are presented in three use cases.