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Raul Bravo

Raul is the founder and president of Outsight, the company that created the Augmented Lidar technology. He is a telecom engineer from UPC (Barcelona, Spain) and has an MBA from the College des Ingénieurs (Paris, France). He is a serial entrepreneur in the mobile robotics and computer perception industries, with a 20-year track record of bootstrapping and growing startups, including leading one to an IPO. Throughout his engineering and entrepreneurial careers, he has filed 57 patents and won 39 awards, including being named one of the MIT Technology Review’s Top 10 Innovators Under 35.


Multi-agent 3D collaborative perception

The presentation will describe novel techniques for performing multimodal 3D real-time mapping based on lidar, which allows for a semantic and shared understanding of the environment in real time. The primary goal of sharing real-time mapping is to extend the surveillance and object identification capabilities of various agents in the field beyond line-of-sight. In the presentation, we will go over the scenarios that were chosen in a real-life customer project and explain their operational value, as well as the technical components and innovations.