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Stephan Prüfling

Stephan studied industrial engineering and electrical engineering with a focus on e-mobility and energy grids. He joined AVL in 2016 as a project manager for e-drive solutions such as e-machines and inverters. Currently he is working in product management for e-motors and charging solutions at AVL Software & Functions GmbH.


Latest technology solutions for charging and e-machines

From recent discussions and publications, it is clear that stricter emission restrictions for off-road and agricultural applications are expected in the future. Therefore, in addition to significant ongoing efforts for electrification of on-road applications, there is an increasing focus on electrifying off-road powertrains. E-motors developed for on-road applications often already fulfill the needs of agricultural applications. Advanced cooled e-motors can satisfy this demand. Furthermore, charging is a key challenge for e-mobility applications. There is a need for interconnected and seamlessly integrated solutions. AVL has elaborated a comprehensive overview of the complexity of charging features as well as hurdles faced during development.