Some of the New Products on Show

DAY 1: On display: versatile hydraulic solutions for electricity, water and air supply

Though the market is moving toward electrification, hydraulics remains a vital part of many industrial vehicles. They are hard to beat in terms of power density, as highlighted by Dynaset’s range of hydraulic-powered equipment on show at iVT Expo.

“High-pressure compressors are one of our bestsellers, and our high-power water pumps, which can operate at 150 bar, have exceptional power density and are also very popular,” noted Henri Hypen, area sales manager for the company. “We have been developing our existing products and developing new ones. The possibilities for hydraulics are endless, beyond the basic applications of electricity generation, high-pressure water and air. You would be surprised what you are able to do with hydraulics.”

On display at Dynaset’s booth are a variety of offerings including the company’s HG hydraulic generator, capable of using the hydraulic power from any vehicle to generate electricity to run other off-vehicle equipment. Similarly versatile and also on show are the HPW high-pressure hydraulic water pumps – exceptionally compact units available in pressure variants up to 800 bar.

Booth: 2050

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